This is the perfect place to get your friends together and make some quick cash from your wardrobe!

$25 for a 10x10 stall spot

You can share your stall with as many friends who will fit in the space with you! You can sell your unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, books + home decor!

Please read below for ALL INFO on what you will need to bring/keep in mind for this event. 




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Once payment has been made and your spot is secure, you will then have to make sure the following are prepped for market day.



Set up your area with suitcases, tables, racks, signs, mirrors and anything else that creatively presents your clothes and any additional items you wish to sell (shoes, accessories, books, home decor items etc.)

You must purchase your own clothing rack/s and set up needs to sell. Clothing racks can be easily purchased online at roughly $20- $50 on Amazon, Walmart etc. by searching "clothing rack".

We suggest buying one with wheels, so you can easily maneuver it on the day to your stall spot.

Click the link for example: CLOTHING RACK 

*If you're selling shoes as well, please have them on a table OR tucked underneath your rack. You will not be allowed to have them spread out on the ground in your stall spot, as it is a tripping hazard. Same applies to additional items you're selling that are not hanging on clothes racks.*


Marquees and/or umbrellas are encouraged in the event it rains. Scroll down for more info on this.


Bring a selection of CHANGE, including $5, $10 bills, along with coins if you are pricing anything below $5. If you have EFTPOS, please bring it! Or you can accept PayPal, e-transer if the customer does not have cash. 



Make sure all items are labelled with prices! For this, you can simply purchase gift tags, or sticker tags.

Click the link for examples: PRICE TAGS

STICKER TAGS (best for putting on shoes and additional items)

We suggest pricing everything the night before, or having your prices written on the labels so you only have to place them on your hangers/items on the day. There's nothing worse than having several people ask you at once about missing prices on items!



From the past, we have seen that it is easier to assemble your clothing racks once in your stall spot (unless you're lucky enough to fit your bags/containers of clothing AND your assembled rack in the car). You will have an hour to set up your entire spot, this should provide enough time to unpack and set up your spot, and bring your empty containers/suitcases back to your car so they're not taking up room. 



SET UP 8am - 9am

OPEN TO PUBLIC 9am - 1pm (strictly no pack up before 1.01pm!)

Dogs allowed, but must be kept on a leash at all times, and not permitted inside the stalls. Owners MUST clean up after their dogs too. 

In the event of wet weather, we recommend bringing a marque or umbrellas for your allocated stall spot. The event WILL go ahead if there's rain. However, if thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain are scheduled for the day we will postpone the event for a future date. If we postpone to another day, your sellers ticket will be transferred to this event. If you cannot make the new date, you have the option to transfer your ticket to a friend, so please inform us of those details. 



TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, BUT ARE TRANSFERABLE!! Please let us know whom you will be transferring your ticket to (name and contact details) at least 3x days before the event. We can transfer your ticket to another event, but ONLY ONCE! If you cannot make an event twice in a row, you will no longer be permitted to transfer your ticket again. 

As a seller you agree to promoting the event to your social networks leading up to the event. We will send out an email blast to all sellers a month prior to event date with marketing material as an option to use for socials. This will include Insta/FB story templates, feed posts and captions. Alternatively, you can promote it in your own way. 




You are allocated a space before you arrive on the day. As long as you fit within the space, you are welcome to share it with as many friends as you like! We highly recommend bringing at least one person with you to assist on the day, that way they can watch your stall if you're needing a bathroom trip or food break, or want to take turns at browsing the market!